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Sheet Metal Forming and Stamping (including Sheet Hydroforming)

Currently the following R&D projects are being conducted in Sheet Metal Forming group:

  • Properties of Sheet Materials (tensile, bulge, dome tests for biaxial deformation)
  • Evaluation of Lubricants under near-production conditions, using the Cup Draw and Strip Draw Test
  • Die Wear/Die Materials and Coatings in Forming AHSS and SS
  • FE simulation of Hot Stamping, including die design for tailored properties
  • FE simulation of Sheet Forming Operation and prediction of springback
  • Bending of Sheet Metal (Springback fracture limits) for Ti, AHSS and Al alloys
  • Blanking/Shearing of Various Materials (AHSS, copper alloys) with emphasis on (a) improving sheared edge quality and (b) reducing fracture in flanging and bending
  • Application of Servo-Drive Presses to (a) form AHSS and Al Alloys and (b) blanking to improve sheared edge quality