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Forging Technology

Research topics include die design for cold and warm forging, prediction and elimination of forging defects, and prediction and reduction of die wear.


A book on “Cold, Warm and Hot Forging - Fundamentals and Applications” by our team has been published by ASM International in 2005 (ISBN: 0-87170-805-1)


Click on the links below to get a brief overview of Forging R&D here at ERC/NSM


Research and Development in Forging at ERC/NSM 
Hot Forging: Trends And Applications
Simulation and Optimization of Metal Forming Processes
Application of Technology to compete successfully in Forging
R&D Update on “Improvement of Technology for Forging (Material Savings in Closed Die Forging)”
Cold and Hot Forging - Fundamentals and Applications, New Book, by ERC/NSM staff, March 2005